Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Muted Winter Nails

It's an odd colour pairing, but for this winter I'm absolutely loving muted rosy pinks.

Whilst I would normally assume pinks are for Spring/Summer, this shading is crisp and clear and for me, they're the perfect alternative Winter shades.

Anyone that knows me well enough knows that I am really particular with my nail varnish shades. So for me to have fallen in love with this trio of Essie polishes it must mean they're something special.

The darkest of the bunch, Eternal Optimist, isn't quite showing it's true colour through the camera, but its a perfect muted pink and I've worn it to death since summer ended.

The palest and  my personal favourite, Ballet Slippers, I wear all year round and never get bored of it. For me, it's the perfect 'I don't know know which colour to chose colour' and I get compliments on it all the time. Two thin coats and it looks very pale pink, three thicker coats and it looks very off white, pair it with a tan and you're on to a winner, but wear it in winter whilst wrapping up cosey with lots of fur it's the perfect crisp colour.

Moving away from the pinks is Sand Tropez, a really crisp muted nude. I would say it's got more of a pink undertone than the more peachy or cool nudes, and i've founded it suits my hands far more now that I'm less tanned.



  1. These look so lovely! I especially like Sand Tropez - it looks like a really sophisticated colour as muted, dusty pinks are my favourite!

  2. Really nice colours, I agree they look like a lovely wintery trio! I personally like the Eternal Optimist one, lovely and slightly reddish making it a bit more festive. I also like that nude one, seems like a very chic colour!

    JosieVictoriaa // // Lifestlye, Travel and Fashion

  3. Lovely, I never think of pinks in the winter but you're right.. need one of those shades for sure x

  4. Love the Essie nailpolishes and I'm also really picky with the brands and shades that I wear on my nails (:
    What a lovely blog, I really enjoyed it!
    Have an amazing day,

  5. I love your blog! The photography is so perfect and it seems like you are too haha
    -Morgan x

  6. Ballet Slippers is most definitely my favourite out of the trio, but a beautiful shade - and like you said, perfect for any time of the year! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  7. These colors look absolutely stunning!

  8. These colors look absolutely stunning!

  9. Something a little different from the usual dark shades of nail polish I've being being recently! These shades are all so pretty & work all year round, my favourite kind of shades :-) I'm especially eager to try the lightest shade you mentioned, I'll be adding it to my wish list. Lovely post & pictures!

    Xo Gemma

  10. Amazing colours !! :)
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