Friday, 15 May 2015

Glowy Cheeks: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

Introducing a holy grail cheek product...

Once you've got over their initial beauty, (I mean come on, have you ever seen a more beautiful product?!) the blusher itself is insanely good quality. 

 These blushers are seriously good stuff! I've got two, Luminous Flush (left & Mood Exposure (right), and I can't get enough.

Lumious flush is a gorgeous rosie pink, which can be worn strong or soft depending on how much you apply, and this is my go-to summer shade. Mood Exposure I tend to wear throughout the winter, and it gives a really subtle flush of warmth to the cheeks - with more of a bronzy/plummy colour. 

It has such a soft sheeny glow, without containing any of the glitter particles that fall all over your face like some shimmery blushers. It's done so cleverly that there really isn't any need to wear highlighter when wearing any of these, the subtle shimmer does a really good job on its own - but it is so subtle that if you want to amp the highlighter up, go for it! I pair it with Kevin Aucoin - Candlelight sometimes, and I think they work really well together.

You can find the Ambient Lighting Blushers here, and if you're an advocate of the 'glowy face' look you need (yep, need), to try these!



  1. These blushes look to die for!

  2. Wow, they look great! (:
    Nati xx

    1. Thanks for your comment Nati, they are amazing!

  3. I'm obsessed with these blushes! So glad you love them too,

    X Emma |

  4. Oh yeah, with the mottled palette I can tell this is good!

    Krissie x - http;//

  5. How beautiful are they! I'd love to get my hands on Hourglass blushes!


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