Sunday, 4 January 2015

Awkward hellos

After many years spent scrolling through blog posts, avidly admiring the beautiful pictures and spending money frivolously in 'blogger made me do it' frenzies, I've finally bit the bullet and started my own.

I'm aware the world and her aunt is now a 'blogger' and I have no intention of that becoming my title at this point, I just fancied creating an outlet to write on and with that I'll see how much I enjoy it. I desperately hope no one I even remotely know comes anywhere near close to reading it, and I can keep it my little secret for as long as humanly possible.

I love taking pictures, and when I discover something completely revolutionary I feel deceitful if I don't tell absolutely everyone I know. So, now I have a place to do so which serves some sort of purpose.

A bit about me... My names Bethany, middle name Alice Marie. I have a very long Armenian surname which calls for a "sorry, what?" more often than not, hence the tendency to cut it down.
I'm currently in my final year studying at a fashion university in central London. 9 times out of 10 when I say that to anybody over the age of roughly 30, its followed with the reply "oh, so you design clothes, that's really cool!" and I generally kill the mood by saying "oh no, I do something much less cool than that". That, or I smile and nod awkwardly. If I can one day earn a remotely proportionate amount of money to the amount of time I've spent explaining what it is I do to those who aren't in the field, I'll be a very happy lady!

I should make it clear from the get go, I'm a humungous foodie. & Yes, I'm that kind of person that shamelessly takes pictures of their food.

That will do for now, maybe I'll touch base again dependant on how into this I get.
Happy reading...

Bethany Alice Marie xo


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